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What are the installation methods of LED transparent screen

Issuing time:2017-03-01 22:30

Led transparent screens are loved by customers because of their high transparency. The use of led transparent screens is gradually

increasing, but it has not yet reached the status of popularization. That is because many people are still relatively unfamiliar with

transparent screens,especially worried. LED transparent screen installation.

transparent led screen slude door.jpg

The led transparent screen is attached to the back of the glass and is mainly fixed by the glass fixing bracket, or the glass window

sill, or the upper and lower positions of the glass, so the transparent screen level is very light in weight during design, single square

The weight is around 12KG.

If you want to talk about the installation of led transparent screen, you must first know where the led transparent screen is used:

4 application environments of transparent LED display

1. Building curtain wall: LED transparent screen is usually attached to the glass keel and is combined with the glass curtain wall to

achieve a good advertising effect.

2. Space design: LED transparent screen can also be customized with different shapes and shapes to meet different space requirements

and achieve the effect of space beautification.

3. Exhibition display: Transparent LED screens are used in various exhibitions, such as auto shows and press conferences, to promote

products in all directions.

4. Window display: Transparent advertising machine hanging on the window can play a good role in commercial promotion.

You can choose the installation method after determining the main installation location of the LED transparent screen. Here are some

main installation methods:

The installation of standard LED transparent screen generally includes base installation, lifting installation, hanging installation, etc.

1. Floor-mounted barrier

It is commonly seen in glass windows, exhibition halls, etc. If the screen height is not high, it can be simply fixed at the bottom; if the

screen height is high, it is necessary to use a square channel fixed up and down behind the screen body to achieve the screen body.

2. Wall-mounted

Commonly seen in the cross-floor area of the atrium floor, or the installation scenarios of curtain wall / window facing indoors.

3. Suspended lifting

Commonly seen in event leasing, commercial complex atrium, or special shapes of exhibition halls.

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