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What are the ways for LED screens to realize "human screen" interaction

Issuing time:2016-03-10 22:30

In recent years, with the injection of new concepts such as the Internet of Things, mobile Internet, big data, cloud computing, and

smart cities, interconnection technologies have provided tremendous impetus for the development of all walks of life. Habits   of

thinking also promote the innovation of development strategies in all walks of life.

LED display somatosensory interaction system.jpg

LED display and human-computer interaction

All along, traditional LED large screens are directed to the audience in a "unidirectional communication" way. In recent years, with

the development of new technologies, the screen and people are no longer limited to "single arrow propagation", but to "smart

interaction". At this stage, humancomputer interaction methods mainly include screennetwork interaction, touch interaction, and

other technologies (such as somatosensory technology, augmented reality, face recognition, etc.).

Screen network linkage. With the advent of the "Internet +" era, some people in the industry who have responded quickly are aware

of the development trend of the integration of traditional media and new media, and they have successfully combined new technologies

with technology in a timely manner. "Networkcontrolled broadcast" is a development path for the combination of large LED screens

and the Internet. It uses mobile phones, PCs, computers and other ports for network operations, and combines the popular QR codes,

APP and other functions to realize The joint interaction between the audience stimulates the growth of the audience's interest and

enhances the audience's participation.

LED video tunnel experience.gif

Equipped with touch technology. At present, the LED display screen can already realize direct "human screen interaction" by carrying

"touch technology (sensor)", such as interactive LED floor tile screen, touch screen, etc.

Other interactive technologies. At present, LED large screen   interaction has developed into a   trend in the entire   industry. LED large

screens   can achieve interaction through cuttingedge technologies such as somatosensory technology, augmented reality technology,

and face recognition technology.

Human screen interaction and floor tile screen

LED floor tile screen is very outstanding in the interactive field, especially in the stage, its performance is very eyecatching. With the

ultimate pursuit of stage dance effect and the continuous improvement of technology, the effect of LED floor tile screen is also clearer

and the colors are more gorgeous. Today, LED floor tile screens are widely used in large-scale stage performances.

Human screen interaction and VR technology

The intelligent LED display allows more users to have a more realistic scene experience. When people interact with the LED display, it

creates a situation combining scenarios, making it easier to put human emotions and feelings on the display. Throughout the VR market,

VR products and LED screens are inseparable. In addition, from the perspective of the VR industry chain, LED display screens are the

foundation and important hardware facilities. LED display screens with better picture quality can undoubtedly significantly improve the

user experience of VR products.

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