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LED special-shaped screen customization, creativity is everywhere

Issuing time:2018-04-05 11:49

Nowadays, when it comes to creativity, the LED shaped screen shows that people are no longer familiar with it. In recent years,

various creative LED display screens have emerged endlessly in life. We can also see various LED creative screens, such as speaker

screen, Mitsubishi rotating screen, diamond screen, spherical screen, etc.

LED tree screen.png

Not only let us see the wide application of LED creative display in the market, but also let us see how to coordinate the surrounding technologyand environment of LED creative display. Compared with LCD, DLP and other display products, LED has unique natural

advantages in creative display.

Random splicing, arbitrary modeling, according to the application place, the surrounding environment to create a variety of clever

display solutions. LED creative has unlimited development space, LED creative screen has great potential for development.

P2.5 LED book screen.JPG

What are the advantages of the CXCOLOR photoelectric screen?

1. Hardness: LED display adopts FPC as the substrate, and the hardness of the screen body is appropriate.

2. High lifespan: Under the same working environment and duration, the life span of LED display is much higher than that of normal LED


3. Energy saving: Compared with the traditional LED display, the energy saving of the LED display is very good, the power is low and the

effect is more significant. For all large-scale LED display manufacturers, this is also the first element to have.

4. Convenient installation: Due to the material and structure of the LED display, it has the characteristics of lightness and convenience,

which provides very convenient conditions for installation.

5. Realistic color: The LED display adopts highbrightness patch, the color is realistic and soft, it will not harm the human eye, and the

brightness is also high.

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