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Cxcolor photoelectric to create high-quality new stage LED rental display

Issuing time:2018-04-19 15:16

Today, with the rapid development of LED displays, many products such as LED floor tile screens, small pitch LEDdisplays, and LED

transparent screens have emerged one after another. The   ever-changing technology has made the industry display rich and colorful.

LED rental screens   have caused popular applications in outdoor performing arts andentertainment, exhibition displays, and theaters.

rental led display.png

The performance of the LED rental display on the stage can be described as "abrilliant background, helping performances, changing

lights and shadows,setting off the atmosphere, flexible and changeable, and combining   situations". Innovative color series rental

products have carried out moretechnical research on screen display, splicing display effect, flatness,viewing angle, contrast, etc .

in the assembly and   experience, the innovationsmade the assembly faster and the arc splicing is more convenient The innovative

button system design enables fast and precise arc splicing, from straightscreen to arc shape, and the top lock system is very simple

and fast tooperate,supports one-person quick installation,and the user experience isexcellent. At the site of LED rental display screens,

the screen-laying time isoften very limited. Rental products must be easy to install and can be quickly maintained. Based on this, the

ultimate goal of innovative color photoelectricproducts is to convey the value of various needs to end users. Really providevalue. A

good product needs to be well polished.It must have excellenttechnology, sufficientbarriers, direct demand, sufficient market capacity

anda reasonable industrial ecology-only through the unification of all parties canwe create a model that is recognized by users, The

products praised by theindustry finally won the market recognition.

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